JORPX-X series

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What started as a simple plan to develop a new line of patch cables, quickly became an engineering feat in typical Joranalogue fashion. After countless hours of stripping cables, benchmarking crosstalk and high frequency performance, and designing in-house cable testing tools, Patch is the result of these efforts.

Patch is a series of top quality patch cables for the discerning modularist, available in black and white, and a variety of lengths. Constructed using a custom-made coaxial base cable and overmoulded mini-jack plugs, protected by unique laser-cut aluminium shells, these Eurorack cables are designed to outlast and outperform.

Lengths 15, 30, 60 and 90 cm are available in 8-packs, while the extra-long 150 cm cables are supplied in 4-packs.

  • Premium patch cables with 3.5 mm mono mini-jack connectors for Eurorack modular synthesiser use.
  • Engineered for audio, CV as well as analogue video signals.
  • Unique anodised aluminium shells and heavy duty bend reliefs for long life span.
  • 7 inner signal and 40 outer shield conductors of ultra-pure oxygen free copper (C10100, 99.99 % Cu).
  • Extra-flexible PVC outer sleeve: satisfying 'droop' without crinkles.
  • Safely packaged in a reusable cotton bag with branded hook-and-loop cable tie included.
  • Incredibly fun to patch with. (Seriously!)
  • Designed in Belgium; made in China.

 Black White
Patch 15 BK — 8-pack of 15 cm Patch 15 WH — 8-pack of 15 cm
Patch 30 BK — 8-pack of 30 cm Patch 30 WH — 8-pack of 30 cm
Patch 60 BK — 8-pack of 60 cm Patch 60 WH — 8-pack of 60 cm
Patch 90 BK — 8-pack of 90 cm Patch 90 WH — 8-pack of 90 cm
Patch 150 BK — 8-pack of 150 cm Patch 150 WH — 4-pack of 150 cm

Video signals are typically more challenging than audio, because of the higher frequency content. This makes them a good 'worst case scenario' for audio cables.

We've asked Bastien of Syntonie to help us produce these comparison shots with competing brands, using his analogue HD video modular system.

Two tests were performed: a diamond pattern noise test, and a checkerboard bandwidth test. All cables were the same length: 60 cm. No changes were made to the patch, apart from swapping the cable under test. To protect the guilty, we'll call the other brands 'X' and 'Y'.

Brand X has good bandwidth performance, but very poor noise specs: switching noise from the system's power supply is picked up and injected into the signal, showing up as moving stripes on the pattern.

Brand Y has good noise performance, but poor bandwidth. This manifests itself as blurry diamond and checkerboard patterns.

Combining excellent electrical shielding with low capacitance, Patch provides perfect performance in both areas. This results in cleaner signals with pristine fidelity for video, as well as audio.